Bible Puzzles Update

We are currently undergoing a restructuring of the Bible Puzzles website. The new site will include added activities, including a new Bible quiz which automatically difficulty to the level of the player. We will also be trying to make some of the current features easier to use. If you have ideas of other activities that we could include on the site, please let us know by clicking the link on the bottom of the page.

In addition, the site will become a two-tier membership site. The free version will include all the activities currently available, plus more, but with a limited data set. Also, the free version users will not be included on the High-Scores listing. The premium membership, for $9.50 per month, will allow use of the full range of data, and will qualify the user for the High-Scores listing. In addition, premium users will be able to construct their own puzzles based on any verses or other texts that they choose. This can be useful for constructing activity sheets for classes or social events, or for fillers in church bulletins or newsletters. We hope in this way to cover the expenses involved in providing the Bible Puzzles site to the public. Your feedback is welcome.